Does Wearing Tight Bras Increase Your Risk of Breast Cancer? Debunking Myths

Risk of Breast Cancer

With “No Bra Day” approaching on October 13, people worldwide are reminded of the importance of breast health and awareness about the risks of breast cancer. A common narrative that circulates suggests that wearing overly tight bras may contribute to breast cancer. Is there any truth to this claim?

According to Dr. Sara Ester Triatmoko, a plastic surgeon specialist at RSUP Fatmawati, wearing bras is not connected to an increased risk of breast cancer. In essence, cancer occurs due to cell changes that are entirely unrelated to bras.

Understanding the Real Relationship

Dr. Sara explains that cancer arises from cell changes or mutations, a process that has no proven link to the use of bras. Instead, she advises women to avoid wearing bras that are too tight, not as a cancer prevention measure, but to maintain proper blood circulation in the breast area.

“Breast cancer is caused by cell changes. It starts with mutations in cells, transforming normal cells into cancerous ones. There is no scientific evidence supporting the idea that wearing bras can cause normal cells to turn into cancerous ones,” she elaborated.

The Importance of Comfort

Dr. Sara emphasizes that the primary factor to consider when choosing a bra is comfort. It’s essential to ensure that a bra does not constrict or cause breathing difficulties.

“When it comes to selecting a bra, comfort should be the top priority. Whether it has an underwire or is wire-free, made of lace or spandex, the key is comfort. The bra should not be too tight, causing restrictions or making it hard to breathe,” she advises.

The Myth Debunked

Dr. Sara firmly states that bras have no association with breast cancer development. If someone does develop breast cancer, it’s due to entirely different causes.

The key takeaway here is that wearing a bra that fits comfortably and doesn’t constrict is crucial for breast health. It has no bearing on whether cancer may develop in the future. Therefore, the choice of bras should revolve around comfort, not cancer concerns.

In summary, wearing a bra that fits well is essential for comfort and maintaining proper circulation in the breast area. However, the myth that tight bras lead to an increased risk of breast cancer is not scientifically substantiated. Cancer results from complex cellular changes that have no direct connection to the type or tightness of bras worn.